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5 Steps to Take If Your Child Was Injured in a Car Accident

By Aline Miranda on September 18, 2018

Even when you are driving as carefully as possible, there is still the potential that you may get into a car accident on the road. Many car accidents result in injuries to those driving the car and those riding in the vehicle. If your child is in the car and gets injured, this will most likely heighten your stress after the car accident. You want to ensure your child is okay and help them obtain the medical treatment they need. You also need to remember to contact a San Diego car accident attorney to help process your claim on behalf of yourself and your child.

Below are just a few steps you should take to deal with your child’s injuries after a car accident in San Diego.

Check on your child

After the car accident first occurs, take a moment to check on your child. If they are unconscious or appear to be extremely injured, do not immediately remove them from their position in the car. It is important to find out if they have sustained any damage to their head, neck, or spine before attempting to move them. Moving them could cause additional, potentially life-long damage.

Seek medical treatment

Keep in mind that not all injuries are obvious at first. Even if your child is able to get out of the car and appears to be functioning normally, you should still seek medical treatment. On the scene, you can check to see if they have any pain from sprains, fractures, or broken bones. However, it will require a medical professional to determine if they are suffering from other injuries like a concussion.

Consult with your auto insurance

Once you have sought medical treatment for your child, consult with your auto insurance to file a claim. They may require documentation of the injuries your child sustained so be sure to get the information you need from your doctor during your visit. Because California is a fault state, the other driver will generally be responsible for your injuries and damage. However, if you have other forms of coverage that might give you benefits immediately, such as medical pay or collision coverage, talking to your insurance company is a good idea.

Hire a car accident attorney

When you find the right car accident attorney, you can trust them to help expedite the process with your auto insurance and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Your attorney will be able to place all their focus on the case so you can care for your child during this time.

Monitor your child’s condition

Keep an eye on your child for the next few days. Some injuries do not appear right away, and they may even worsen as time passes. For example, if your child experienced whiplash during the accident, they may only feel a little sore the first day. This soreness may increase in the days following, though.

You are legally responsible for helping your minor child get damages after a car accident. Call a San Diego car accident attorney in your area to assist on your case. Eugene Bruno & Associates P.C. can be a great resource. Call or contact us online to set up a free case evaluation for you and your child.