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When you regularly drive on busy roads, such as those in and around San Diego, it may come as little surprise to learn that around 80% of drivers admit to becoming angry while behind the wheel. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety surveyed around 2,700 drivers, with the results showing a worrying trend towards road rage and aggressive driving. While it is understandable that driving on congested roads can lead to frustration, it is never acceptable to actively display signs of anger towards other motorists. Aside from being intimidation, road rage can be incredibly dangerous, and has been cited as a contributing factor in a non-insignificant proportion of San Diego car accidents.

If you have been injured in a road rage accident, or perhaps lost a loved one in similar circumstances, a San Diego car accident lawyer from Eugene Bruno & Associates could ensure you receive the maximum compensation available to you.

Road Rage Car Accidents in San Diego and Beyond – The Statistics

According to the survey carried out by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety:

  • Road rage, and related behaviors, are most commonly seen in drivers aged between 19 and 39, which is also the largest demographic of motorists across Southern California
  • Around 50% of participants admitted to deliberately tailgating another vehicle, a figure which equates to around 104 million drivers across the United States
  • 47% admit to shouting or yelling at another motorist
  • 45% use their horns to express their annoyance or anger to another driver
  • One-third stated that they have used aggressive or rude gestures while driving
  • One-quarter have deliberately blocked another driver from changing lanes
  • 12% have purposefully cut off another vehicle
  • 4% have gotten out of their car to confront another driver
  • 3% have deliberately bumped or rammed another vehicle

None of these behaviors are acceptable, and each and every one of them could potentially lead to a serious road rage-related car accident. If you have been affected by a road rage car accident in or around San Diego, you may benefit from the expertise of a highly-skilled lawyer with a proven track record of success.

A San Diego Attorney’s Guide to Dealing with Road Rage

All drivers make mistakes from time to time, no matter how experienced and careful they may be. An error is no excuse for becoming aggressive towards another motorist, although it is understandable that emotions may be running high if that mistake has led to a near miss. To avoid becoming the latest addition to the San Diego road rage car accident statistics, our attorneys recommend that you:

  • Allow extra time for your journey, to avoid frustration caused by running late
  • Listen to calming music while driving
  • Do not take other drivers’ behavior and actions personally
  • Avoid using your horn unless absolutely necessary
  • Be aware of your own driving habits, and how they may affect other drivers
  • Avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver, as this may be interpreted as a challenge
  • If you are being tailgated, move over as soon as you can safely do so

Of course, no matter how considerate you may be, you cannot control the behavior and actions of other drivers. When you have been injured in a road rage-related accident, our San Diego road rage car accident attorneys are here to provide the excellent legal representation you deserve.

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