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Over the years, our firm has helped thousands of clients and we have recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries.

These results were personally obtained by attorney Eugene G. Bruno. These case results are real but they do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your case. Your case result will be based on the specific facts of your case.

$100,000 – T-bone Crash (Policy Limit Settlement) – San Diego, CA
Although our client sustained a severe neck injury, she chose not to get surgery because, as a single mother, she could not take the chance that her kids might lose their mom. The defendant’s insurance company told her that if she didn’t get medical treatment, her claim was worth nothing. Our client did not want…
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$100,000 – “Jaywalking” Pedestrian Struck by Car (Policy Limit Settlement) – El Cajon, CA
Our client was a homeless woman who crossed the street mid-block late at night. The police report put our client at fault for jaywalking, but our investigation showed the police report was wrong. We obtained a policy limit settlement for our client without filing a lawsuit.
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$100,000 - Bicycle Struck by Car - Ramona, CA
Our 8-year-old client was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk just slightly ahead of her mom who was pulling a wagon with the younger children. Although she stopped at the driveway entrance, the defendant never saw the client and ran over her bike trapping the little girl under the vehicle. The defendant’s insurance…
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$250,000 - Skateboarder Crashes into Car (Policy Limit Settlement) - La Mirada, CA
Our college age client was skateboarding when he skated through an intersection into the path of an oncoming vehicle. A severe skull fracture left him in a persistent vegetative state. Although the police report put the client at fault, we successfully negotiated a policy limit settlement. Our client’s family continues to love and support him…
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$375,000 - Bicyclist Struck By Car - San Diego, CA
Our client was riding his bicycle in a residential neighborhood when the defendant rolled through a stop sign attempting a right turn. Despite clear liability, the driver’s insurance company fought the case and blamed the bicyclist for not walking his bike through the intersection. The client fell and sustained a wrist fracture that required surgery…
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$500,000 - Side Impact Crash - San Diego, CA
Our client lived with mild psoriatic arthritis for years, until this crash severely aggravated it and she required multiple surgeries to control her pain. We worked with the client to get her the best medical care. At her deposition, the client told a powerful story about overcoming her pain. Shortly after her tearful deposition, we…
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$525,000 - Rideshare Crash - National City, CA

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$550,000 - Rear-End Crash - San Diego, CA
This client’s claim was “denied” when the defendant...
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$600,000 - “Minor” Rear End Crash - Alpine, CA
This client’s claim was “denied” due to only $700 in property damage, but our investigation including dashcam video and “blackbox” download proved this minor crash caused our client’s neck injury that required surgery. This was case settled shortly before trial.
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$1 Million - Rollover Freeway Crash - Encinitas, CA
A reckless defendant lost control of his car, resulting in a “PIT maneuver” to our client’s vehicle. Her vehicle flipped and landed on its wheels, but she suffered serious wrist injuries that required multiple surgeries and left her with unsightly scars. The defendant tried to avoid responsibility by blaming another driver, but we successfully proved…
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$1.25 Million - Rear-End Crash - Riverside, CA
Our client’s SUV was stopped at a red light when he was rear ended by a large pickup truck. He suffered a severe neck injury that required surgery and prevented him from working. This case was settled at mediation a few months before trial.
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$5 Million Rollover - Bus Crash - Alpine, CA
Our clients were passengers in a casino shuttle bus when the bus driver lost control of the bus, causing it to flip onto its side. Without seat belts, our elderly clients were violently tossed around the inside of the bus, sustaining severe injuries and requiring multiple surgeries. We fought this case hard for over a…
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