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El Cajon Personal Injury Attorneys

We know you do everything you can to stay safe when you go out each day. The last thing you expect is to get injured. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the behavior of other people around us.

That is how personal injuries usually occur. They are unexpected and unpredictable. That is why people are left trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of an accident. At Eugene Bruno & Associates, we want to help.

Our team will get to work on securing the compensation needed for your accident-related expenses. When you need an El Cajon personal injury lawyer, we will be by your side. Call today at 1-888-BRUNO-88 (1-888-278-6688).

Personal Injuries

Nobody wants to get hurt as they go about their normal daily activities, but we cannot control the actions of other people around us. Sometimes, unexpected things happen. Today, we will discuss some of the ways that people are injured due to other people’s negligence.

We see plenty of personal injury cases a year, so we want to point out some common ways in which negligence cases other people harm. Today we will go over some of the ways people get hurt, but please know that this is not a complete list. Always seek a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to go over your case.

  • Vehicle Accidents – While we realize that most vehicle accidents result in minor injuries, there were over 12,000 people who suffered from serious injuries during the state’s latest reporting year. These include catastrophic injuries that can leave a person disabled. Often, these accidents are the result of an impaired driver or one who was distracted by their phone.
  • Faulty Products – Every day there are defective products being recalled. Sometimes they have a design flaw or a manufacturing mistake. Other times, it is a labeling issue (missing ingredients, wrong dosage, warnings not present). Regardless, these issues can cause major consumer harm.
  • Bicycle Accidents or Pedestrian Injuries – Bicyclists and pedestrians have no protection from a vehicle that slams into them and subsequently suffer from major injuries in an accident. Injuries sustained in these accidents often require long recovery times.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents – Slip and fall accidents send over one million people to the ER each year and are particularly dangerous for the elderly. These occur when employees fail to clean or mark a wet floor, when there is loose carpeting, or the floor is not well-maintained.
  • Dog Attacks – There are more than 90 million dogs in the US and over 800,000 people have to seek medical attention annually due to dog bites. Often, extensive surgery is required to repair dog attack damage.

What You Can Do After Being Injured in El Cajon

If someone else’s negligence has caused you or a loved one harm, you need to seek the advice of an El Cajon personal injury attorney today. At Eugene Bruno & Associates, we will patiently sit with you and explain your options moving forward. Our goal is to secure compensation for all of your accident-related expenses. This can include:

  • Coverage of your medical expenses
  • Money for income if you are unable to work
  • Punitive damages against an individual or company
  • Pain and suffering damages