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Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in San Diego?

Pedestrians don’t stand a chance when struck by a dramatically larger, heavier and more dangerous vehicle. Pedestrian accident victims typically suffer more severe injuries because they have no seat belt, air bag, or anything to protect them even a little bit from the impact of a moving vehicle.

Hybrid vehicles in particular are dangerous for pedestrians because they are virtually silent at low speeds such as in parking lots where pedestrians are present. Pedestrians who are used to checking for traffic using both auditory and visual cues may be caught unsuspecting by a silently approaching hybrid vehicle.

Children are exceptionally vulnerable to hybrid vehicle accidents, as a child is more likely to accidentally run into a hybrid vehicle’s path because they cannot hear the oncoming vehicle. Drivers of hybrid cars should be extra vigilant around pedestrians, and especially children, because their silent vehicle increases the chance of vehicle versus pedestrian accidents.

How Can You Avoid Being Struck by a Car as a Pedestrian?

When walking around vehicles, such as when crossing a street or walking through a parking lot, make sure you follow the rules. Stop and look both ways before crossing at intersections and cross only when you have a green walk signal and when no traffic is approaching. Always use a crosswalk or cross at a corner. If running or walking along a roadway, wear bright clothing especially at night. Be predictable, in other words, don’t make any sudden moves that a driver may not anticipate. But keep in mind, while you must do what you can do to stay safe, drivers must be more vigilant that pedestrians because their vehicles are extremely dangerous to pedestrians!

Our San Diego Pedestrian Injury Attorneys Can Help

In many San Diego pedestrian accident cases, the driver will try to blame the pedestrian. Why didn’t you see me? Why weren’t you watching where you were going? Don’t be bullied into thinking this was all your fault. Drivers must pay more attention to pedestrians precisely because their vehicles are more of a danger to pedestrians than pedestrians are to vehicles. That’s the law in California. However, proving the driver was at fault and getting them to take responsibility for their negligence can be challenging in the face of an aggressive insurance company trying to blame you for your own injuries. You need an experienced and aggressive San Diego personal injury attorney on your side.

Our San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers have over 45 years of combined experience representing victims like you against big insurance companies. We have the skill and experience to make sure you don’t take the blame and to make sure the responsible driver fairly compensates you for your injuries.

What Kind of Damages Can You Recover as an Injury Victim in a San Diego Pedestrian Accident Case?

There are various types of compensation a pedestrian may be entitled to, including:

  • Compensation for past, present and future medical bills
  • Compensation for lost income and benefits if you cannot work while you recover
  • Compensation for loss of enjoyment of life while you recover and you are not able to do the things you used to do and liked doing
  • Possible punitive damages against the person responsible if you were hurt because of the other driver’s extreme negligence, such as drinking and driving.

What are My Legal Rights After a Pedestrian Accident in San Diego?

Make sure the San Diego Police Department is called immediately after a pedestrian crash and that you seek medical assistance for any injuries you sustain.

The SDPD will conduct an investigation and determine if the person who hit you was at fault. This will include a determination of whether they were intoxicated or distracted behind the wheel. They will also determine whether the other driver broke traffic laws at the time of the incident.

You have a right to all accident reports and you need to obtain them. Even if criminal charges are not filed against the person who hit you, that does not mean you cannot receive compensation for the incident.

If You Are Injured as a Pedestrian in San Diego, Let Us Help

Eugene Bruno & Associates exclusively represents accident victims and their families. The San Diego car accident attorneys at Eugene Bruno & Associates have over 45 years of combined experience fighting for the rights of serious injury victims and their families, with a 99.7% success rate. Let our team fight for you and your family. You can contact us online or by calling us at 888-278-6688 for a free consultation.

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