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Injured in a Crash With an Amazon Delivery Vehicle in San Diego?

Amazon has made a fortune on next day delivery. But next day delivery has a dark side. Many of Amazon’s drivers have little or no training operating a fully loaded truck through unfamiliar neighborhoods. In fact, in 2018, Amazon stopped a 5 day driver safety training program because it interfered with getting drivers on the road ASAP. Adding to that, drivers are on extremely tight delivery schedules, which means they are more often looking at GPS or their schedule rather than looking out for you on the road. Amazon expects drivers to ensure their packages are delivered on time, and the schedule is so important that failing to keep to the schedule can cause a driver to lose his job. Speed should not be more important than safety because it can lead to reckless driving, driver fatigue and careless mistakes that can hurt someone.

An accident with a fully loaded Amazon delivery truck or flex vehicle often results in severe injuries or even death. Amazon regularly tries to deny liability for these crashes by arguing that the driver was an independent contractor and that Amazon has no legal responsibility for delivery truck accidents caused by contractors. Determining Amazon’s legal responsibility can be extremely complex and should be investigated by a knowledgeable and experienced San Diego Amazon delivery driver accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Holding Amazon and its Delivery Drivers/Partners Accountable

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