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Recent Wins by Eugene Bruno & Associates

  • $5,000,000
    Rollover Bus Crash
  • $1,250,000
    Rear End Crash
  • $1,000,000
    Rollover Freeway Crash
  • $865,000
    Rear End Crash
  • $600,000
    “Minor Impact” Rear End Crash
  • $550,000
    Rear End Crash
  • $540,000
    RideShare Crash
  • $1.25 Million
    Trip and Fall
  • $500,000
    Side Impact Crash
    (Policy Limit Settlement)
  • $375,000
    Bicyclist Crashed By Car
  • $300,000
    “Minor Impact” Rear End Crash
    (Policy Limit Settlement)
  • $100,000
    “Jaywalking” Pedestrian Crashed by Car
    (Policy Limit Settlement)
  • $100,000
    Bicycle Crashed by Car
  • $100,000
    T-bone Crash
    (Policy Limit Settlement)

This is only a partial list of our results. Past results are not a guarantee in your case. Every client is different and every case must be evaluated independently based on its merits. Call Eugene Bruno & Associates to speak with a personal injury lawyer for a free evaluation of your case.

Client Success Stories

$100,000 – T-bone Crash (Policy Limit Settlement) – San Diego, CA
Although our client sustained a severe neck injury, she chose not to get surgery because, as a single mother, she could not take the chance that her kids might lose their mom. The defendant’s insurance company told her that if she didn’t get medical treatment, her claim was worth nothing. Our client did not want…
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$100,000 – “Jaywalking” Pedestrian Struck by Car (Policy Limit Settlement) – El Cajon, CA
Our client was a homeless woman who crossed the street mid-block late at night. The police report put our client at fault for jaywalking, but our investigation showed the police report was wrong. We obtained a policy limit settlement for our client without filing a lawsuit.
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