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Approximately 4.7 million Americans are injured each year from dog bites and these numbers have increased sharply from the 1980’s to today. The number of fatal dog attacks has increased sharply too. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs bite as a reaction to a scary or stressful situation or to defend itself or to protect something that is valuable to them, like their puppies, their food or a toy. Dogs also might nip and bite during play. Even though nipping during play might be fun for the dog, it can be dangerous, especially for children. Dogs can also cause serious injuries by jumping on you or knocking you to the ground.

At Eugene Bruno & Associates, our San Diego dog bite lawyers work hard to investigate everyone who may be accountable for a dog attack, including the dog owner, the dog owner’s roommates or landlord, a paid dog walker, and anyone else potentially responsible for your injury. We will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve and we have the skills and experience to win for you.

Life-Changing Injuries

Dog attacks can cause devastating and life-changing injuries, especially to children. Children are more likely to be bitten on their head, face, or neck, while adults are more likely to be bitten on their arms or legs. This is likely because a child’s head is closer in height to a dog’s mouth and because children, especially young children, likely will not react to an aggressive dog quickly enough to raise their arms to defend themselves or to run away.

Dog bites account for 1.1% of all emergency room visits in the US with the majority of dog bites occurring during the summer months. The cost of treating a dog bite can be financially devastating. The average price of a dog bite ER visit in 2016 was $1,917.20 and the average cost of a hospital admission for surgery due to a dog bite was $41,701.60. That does not include the time lost from work or school, the cost of follow up treatment, or the cost of plastic surgery to reduce the appearance or pain of dog bite scars.

Emotional Trauma After a Dog Attack

Of course, the emotional trauma of a dog bite can be even more devastating that the financial cost. Dog bite trauma can lead to PTSD or other anxiety disorders that can last a lifetime. If the dog bite leaves a significant scar, especially, on the face or neck, it can cause permanent emotional and psychological damage.

Speak With a San Diego Dog Bite Attorney

More needs to be done to prevent dog bite injuries and to hold dog owners accountable. Choosing the right San Diego personal injury lawyer is an important first step in holding them accountable and ensuring that you are fully compensated for what you’re going through.

If you have been injured from a dog bite in San Diego, don’t delay. Call us today for a free consultation and find out how a San Diego dog bite attorney at our firm can help you.

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