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Commercial trucking is a vital part of our nation’s economy and our nation, but the huge trucks driving alongside us also present a very real danger. Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds – that’s more than 16 times the weight of an average SUV and more than 20 times the weight of an average compact or midsize vehicle. These massive vehicles can reach 75 feet in length. These trucks need expert drivers and reliable safety equipment. When operated in a responsible manner, these giants are relatively safe. When they are operated by untrained or sleep deprived drivers, or drivers under the influence of drugs, or when safety equipment is not well maintained, then they become a danger to us all.

When things go wrong with one of these giant trucks, it often results in tragedy. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are exceptionally vulnerable in crashes caused by commercial trucks. Catastrophic injuries to the brain and spinal cord are frequent consequences of truck accidents. Often times, these crashes are fatal. Despite comprising only a fraction of a percentage of total collisions, truck accidents annually account for more than 12% of motor vehicle fatalities.

These trucks are on our roads to turn profits for big companies, but those profits cannot be more important than the lives of others on the road. Training drivers and ensuring properly functioning safety equipment costs money and cuts into profits, so some companies skimp on safety, and they put us all at risk by doing so. The big companies that profit from putting these dangerous trucks on our roads without proper safety assurances must be held accountable. Company profits are not more important that our safety.

Too often, trucking accidents, such as jackknife accidents or underride collisions, can lead to devastating injuries and even death. The emotional struggle from a truck accident should not be compounded by a financial struggle too. If you have been seriously injured or if you have lost a family member due to a truck accident in San Diego, you and your family may be able to recover money for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages over a lifetime, and the emotional trauma of losing that person’s love, support and companionship.

Legal Representation for San Diego Truck Accident Victims

You may be able to find justice and closure by holding the responsible party accountable. When the time is right, reach out to a San Diego auto accident attorney at 1-888-BRUNO-88 (1-888-278-6688) who can help. You and your family deserve this opportunity to seek justice for you or for the loved one you have lost.

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