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When people hear of premise liability they think about the most common situation which is slipping and falling. They think about the water signs in stores that say “caution: wet floor”. And even though this is a common kind of accident, there are other types of accidents that cause just traumatic injuries. Our San Diego serious injury attorneys at Eugene Bruno & Associates understand that people who seek legal advice are typically not familiar with the legal field. That is why we are here to not only extend our help but also dedicate our time to making sure that you understand the journey you about to embark on. Please call us today if you have been seriously injured on a dangerous property.

What is Premise Liability?

In the legal sense, premise liability is when a visitor is injured while visiting a property. The injury is a result of neglect by the property owner. The neglect can show up in multiple scenarios, but in the end, if you are to create a claim, you must prove negligence of the property owner.

We have supplied a list of situations that can be included under premise liability to add clarity to your research. This is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Slip and Fall – A slip and fall is a very common situation. It can result in neck, back, or brain injury. You can also hurt your wrists, arms, and shoulders from the fall. As long as you were acting in a reasonable way before you were hurt then you are able to seek compensation for your injuries. Property owners are responsible for keeping walkways clean and accessible.
  • Animal or Dog Bites – Most people are surprised to know that if you have suffered an animal or dog bite then you can file a premise liability case. As long as the bite occurred on the property of the owner then you can file a claim. As long as you were a visitor while on the property then you can file a claim too.
  • Pool Accidents – Injuries due to pool accidents can be special, especially if the incident happened to your child. Properties must take extra precautions in their pool areas to ensure the safety of their guests. As long as there is speculation of neglect then there is room for investigation.

Your story may be and sound different, but it doesn’t mean that you do not have a case. Eugene Bruno & Associates have a firm belief in active listening and guiding our clients through the process. We know that you are seeking our help because you are not a lawyer, and we intend to explain in detail every step of the way.

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