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The Insurance Claims Process

Take Steps To Protect Yourself

If you’ve been injured in an auto, motorcycle, or other accident, you know it can be a chaotic, painful, and upsetting experience. The experience is made worse by the fact that you’ve now got to deal with insurance companies, police, car repairs, car rental, etc. This is a critical time when you should be focusing on getting medical attention, not filling out claim forms. This is also a critical time for the insurance companies who know that they have a small window of opportunity to try to settle your case for pennies on the dollar before you realize how badly hurt you may be.

Do NOT be victimized by big insurance companies who value their profits over your health. Do NOT fall prey to big insurance company lies and slimy tactics. You need a highly skilled San Diego auto accident lawyer who is committed to defending your rights and getting you the maximum compensation for your injuries.

The following list of “DO’s and DON’T’s” will help you navigate the insurance claims process and will strengthen your case so that you can receive maximum compensation for your injuries.