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Rollover accidents often lead to catastrophic, debilitating and sometimes fatal injuries. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs), because of their height and high center of gravity, are more likely to tip or rollover in a collision. Most SUVs today do not have adequate roof strength in relation to their size and weight, which means you could be crushed by the weight of the vehicle.

Seeking Accountability from Auto Manufacturers

Auto makers are well-aware of the substantially higher incidence of rollover accidents in SUVs, and they are also well-aware of the heightened risk of catastrophic injury in SUV rollover accidents. Despite this knowledge, however, they have not taken sufficient action to fix these safety issues. When a company manufactures a product that is knows to be unsafe, that company should be responsible for the damage their product causes. Unfortunately, auto makers ignore safety issues because they are looking out for their own profits instead of their customers’ safety. For this same reason, car companies are especially aggressive when fighting a rollover injury claim.

Rollover accident victims who do not have skilled legal counsel are offered low ball settlements, which may just be enough to cover medical expenses and lost income, but do not fairly compensate you for pain and suffering. Victims who attempt to negotiate or litigate on their own will face a team of highly-trained insurance adjusters, accident investigators, medical experts, and defense attorneys. At Eugene Bruno & Associates, our San Diego car accident lawyers have stood up against auto companies and other big companies to fight for the fair compensation our clients deserve.

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The San Diego rollover accident attorneys at Eugene Bruno & Associates have over 45 years of combined experience aggressively advocating for serious injury victims and their families, with a 99.7% success rate. Let our team fight for you and your family. You can contact us by calling us at 888-278-6688 for a free consultation.