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Aside from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving at excessive speeds has been found to be the most common cause of fatal car accidents, not only in San Diego, but across the United States. The dangers, and the potential consequences, of speeding have been known for quite some time now, yet drivers continue to put their foot down and drive faster than the law allows on a very regular basis. When you know that your behavior has a high chance of causing life-changing or life-limited injuries in another person, what prevents you from putting an end to that habit?

Why Do Drivers in San Diego Speed?

According to drivers themselves, the main reason for speeding is needing to get to their destination in a hurry – as could, perhaps, have been guessed – with a failure to pay attention to their speed coming in as a reasonably close second. Many drivers also seem to believe that legal speed limits are somewhat meaningless, introduced in a time before modern technology, when braking distances were longer and cars were not so reliable.

It is important to remember that these laws have been put in place for very good reason, using a combination of factors. When you use the roads in San Diego, or elsewhere, you do not have the liberty of choosing whether you feel the speed limits are applicable to you. As a motorist, you are legally obligated to follow the law, regardless of your opinion.

If you have become one of the thousands of people seriously injured in a speed-related accident in San Diego each year, you could benefit from the legal expertise of an experienced attorney.

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The Three Types of Speeding Law in San Diego, California

In San Diego, there are three types of speeding law. Breaching any of these could put your life, and those of others, in danger, and will constitute a speeding offense. The three types of law are:

Basic speeding law prohibits driving at a speed greater than that which is deemed reasonable or prudent considering multiple factors such as the weather, road conditions, visibility, and the width of the road; or at a speed which endangers people or property

Presumed speeding law means that there is a presumed speed limit of 15 mph at railroad crossings, in alleys, and at highway intersections where there is less than 100 feet of visibility;and a limit of 25 mph in business, residential, and some school zones. Certain school zones operate a lower limit of 15 mph

Absolute speed limits of 70 mph on freeways displaying that limit, 65 mph on freeways notsignposted with a 70 mph limit, and 55 mph on two-lane undivided highways apply unless otherwise indicated by signage

Out of the 20,385 road accidents which occurred in San Diego County during a recent one year period, 4,814 were found to have been caused by motorists driving at excessive speed.

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