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Celebrating the Fourth of July Safely: Firework Safety Tips for a Happy Holiday

By Eugene Bruno on June 20, 2023

Fireworks have become an integral part of our Independence Day celebrations. However, it’s important to remember that safety should be a top priority for you, your family, and those around you. Consider these essential firework safety tips for a safe and enjoyable holiday:

Follow Local Laws and Regulations

All personal use fireworks are illegal in the City of San Diego and throughout San Diego County. This includes firecrackers, sparklers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, and even poppers. Neighboring jurisdictions may permit the sale, purchase, and use of fireworks, but while it may have been legal to buy fireworks somewhere else, it is not legal to use them in San Diego.

Consider attending public firework displays organized by professionals. These events are much safer than handling fireworks on your own. If you plan on using fireworks outside of San Diego County, where their use is permitted, do so safely by following these guidelines:

Educate Children and Guests

Ensure everyone, and especially children, are well-informed about firework safety. Teach them about the potential dangers, the importance of maintaining a safe distance, and the proper way to handle sparklers if they are allowed. Continuous supervision is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety.

Alcohol and Fireworks Don’t Mix

Alcohol and fireworks are a dangerous combination. Impaired judgment and coordination increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Designate a responsible adult who will refrain from consuming alcohol to oversee the fireworks display, ensuring that safety remains a top priority.

Safety Equipment and First Aid

Keep a bucket of water, a hose, and a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies. These tools will enable you to take immediate action in the event of a mishap. Have a first aid kit readily available to treat minor injuries promptly.

Respect Duds and Misfires

Sometimes fireworks malfunction or fail to ignite. In such cases, do not attempt to relight them. Wait for at least 20 minutes, then soak them in water before disposing of them properly. Mishandling duds or misfires can result in unexpected explosions, burns, and severe injuries.

Dispose of Fireworks Properly

After the fireworks display, make sure to properly dispose of all used fireworks. Soak them in water for a sufficient amount of time to ensure they are completely extinguished. Double-check that there are no smoldering remains before discarding them in a fireproof container.

Be Mindful of Pets

Remember that fireworks can be extremely distressing for pets. Create a safe and quiet space indoors for them during the celebrations. Close windows, draw curtains, and provide familiar toys and bedding to help ease their anxiety. Keep them away from the noise and flashes to ensure their well-being.

Prioritize Safety

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s important to approach the celebrations with a sense of responsibility and mindfulness. By prioritizing safety, we can ensure that the festivities remain a source of fun rather than pain. Let’s embrace the spirit of independence by celebrating safely and creating lasting memories with family and friends. All of us at Bruno & Associates hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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