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Construction Zone Car Accidents

By Eugene Bruno on February 10, 2022

We can say with almost complete certainty that you have never gotten into your car and set off on a journey thinking that you may be involved in a car accident that day. Of course, all motorists are aware that there are numerous collisions every day and that, every time you drive, you run the risk of being involved in one, but nobody ever thinks that it may actually happen to them.

Even the most minor of car accidents, resulting only in a little bruising and some superficial vehicle damage, can knock your confidence and necessitate some expensive repairs. When you are involved in a serious San Diego car accident, the consequences are potentially devastating. You could find yourself needing a long period of time away from work to recover from your injuries, losing your regular earnings at precisely the same time as you start to incur rapidly-increased medical bills.

Those car accidents which take place within San Diego’s many construction zones tend to fall into the second, more severe category. Rather than attempting to navigate the conflict which may arise between contractors, the municipality, and any other parties who may be deemed responsible, it is strongly recommend that you hire an esteemed San Diego car accident attorney to recover compensation on your behalf.

The Facts about Construction Zone Car Accidents in San Diego and Across the United States

It is not uncommon for San Diego drivers to use stretches of road which pass through construction zones, meaning accidents in these zones are bound to happen from time to time. The Federal Highway Administration have compiled statistics relating to construction zone car accidents, with the figures encompassing those which occur nationwide, rather than simply in San Diego.

According to 2015 construction zone car accident statistics:

  • An average of 12 fatal construction zone car accidents happen every week, making these accidents more likely to result in fatalities than those occurring on other roads
  • 70 construction zone car accidents, which resulting in injury, are recorded every day
  • Fatalities are most likely to result from construction zone car accidents on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday, during the summer months
  • Due to the nature of construction work, day time is statistically more dangerous than night time
  • Trucks are involved in around 25% of both fatal and non-fatal construction zone car accidents
  • 41% of fatalities result from rear-end construction zone car accidents
  • 85% of fatal injuries are inflicted on drivers and passengers in cars

If you are involved in a San Diego construction zone car accident, it is almost certain that it will take one of the following three forms:

  • Side-swiping
  • Rear-ending
  • Collisions with construction zone signage, barriers and other objects

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation with a San Diego Construction Zone Car Accident Attorney Today

When injuries are sustained in a San Diego construction zone car accident, the legal process can be complex. Generally, there may be more than one party potentially liable for the accident, each of which will strive to absolve themselves of all responsibility. When you hire a lawyer from the Eugene Bruno & Associates to handle your lawsuit, you can relax and take the time you need to recover from your injuries, confident in the knowledge that your case is in good hands.