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Defining Distracted Driving

By Aline Miranda on October 22, 2013

Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents across the nation, and results in countless crashes in the San Diego area each day. Distracted driving goes beyond just texting behind the wheel, however; distractions fall under three main categories.

Visual Distraction: A driver is visually distracted when they take their eyes from the road for a few seconds or a long period of time. Visual distraction occurs when drivers do such things as look at maps or GPS devices, read or compose text messages, “rubberneck” or look at crashes on the other side of the highway, or look at their cell phones or stereos.

Cognitive Distraction: A driver is cognitively distracted when they allow their mind to be completely or partially unfocused on the road and driving safely. Even if a driver is watching the road and has both hands on the steering wheel, they can be cognitively distracted if they are driving while exhausted, emotional, or extremely stressed, or if they are composing a text or listening to a phone call or passenger speaking.

Manual Distraction: A driver is manually distracted when they take one or both of their hands off of the steering wheel for a significant amount of time or just a few seconds. Manual distraction most often occurs when drivers text, use their cell phones, eat or drink, adjust their stereos, reach for things inside of their vehicles, or use maps or GPS devices while driving.

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