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Two wheels and a free spirit. California is a wonderful place for people who love to bike, and Escondido is no exception. This area, even though we have a good bit of traffic, offers wonderful places to ride. Whether you want to ride through the parks, head downtown, or ride parallel to the creek, you can enjoy a wonderful time out.

Some people are leisure riders. Others use their bikes as their main mode of transportation. When you go out, we know you try to ride safely, but sometimes other people cause you harm.

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A Sudden Nightmare

The only thing you wanted to do was go out and enjoy some exercise and some fresh air. The last thing you expected was a reckless driver to cause you harm.

During the latest reporting year for California, there were 11,634 injuries and 147 deaths caused by bicycle accidents. That is far too many.

Often, these accidents end up causing cyclists major injuries. Remember, even when a cyclist is wearing a helmet, they have little to no protection from the impact of a vehicle. Serious injuries like internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries are common and can have long-lasting impacts on the victim.

Why Do They Happen?

The short answer is that vehicle drivers do not pay enough attention to their surroundings. Often, they are driving too fast for conditions or choose to turn when they should not at an intersection.

All too often, drivers are distracted by their phones or something else in their vehicles. Sending the quick “LOL” can lead to disaster for a cyclist.

Drunk drivers have always been a major concern for cyclists. Whether a rider is on the roadway, a bike path, or the sidewalk, they are much more likely to get hit by an impaired driver.

The Riding Surface

The conditions of different riding surfaces are a major source of concern for riders. Whether it is the road, a bike path, or a sidewalk, all surfaces should be inspected and maintained regularly. If they are not and they end up buckled, cracked, or with pot holes, a bicyclist can crash and sustain major injuries.

What You Can Do After a Bike Accident in Escondido

We know that getting hurt in a bike accident was the last thing you expected. Now, you need to focus on healing so you can get back to work and back to supporting your family. This can be a confusing time, especially if the insurance companies are pushing for a low settlement. At Eugene Bruno & Associates, our Escondido personal injury attorneys do not think you should have to pay for an accident that was not your fault. We want to help you recover compensation for your medical expenses as well as any lost income you incur. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 888-278-6688.