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You finally got your loved one that new lawn mower they had been begging for. Now everyone can be happy that the yard is finally getting done.

But what happens if a blade comes lose and flies into someone, causing a major laceration or amputation?

It is the last thing you expected from a new mower. After the initial emergency, do you have any options? What can you do it a product you use causes you or a loved one harm?

When you need a product liability lawyer in Escondido, Eugene Bruno & Associates is here to help. We will fight to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Some Examples of Defective Products

We want to start by giving you a few examples of potential product liability cases. All of these are right from the government recall website.

  • A taco seasoning recalled because it did not list a milk allergen it contained.
  • A wasabi meal was recalled because it was stored at an improper temperature during manufacturing.
  • A gas range was recalled because a design flaw causes major risk of burning due to accumulating gas.
  • A chair was recalled because the seat can easily break.

These are just four examples of thousands of current recalls reported to the government. Many hazardous products have not been recalled and consumers have no way to know that the item they bought can cause them harm.

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure they put out safe products, but sometimes things go wrong. Often, there is a design flaw that affects an entire line of products. Eventually, this design flaw can cause major harm to consumers.

Other times, there is a manufacturing flaw that alters a product from its original design, making it hazardous to consumers.

Labeling problems pose a major threat to consumers. All foods should have their ingredients listed, including possible allergens. Medications should have all side effects listed as well as proper dosages. If a product could be a hazard in any way, a manufacturer should place a warning on the product’s package so the consumer is aware.

Getting hurt or becoming ill due to a product used or consumed can lead to major medical expenses that your insurance may not cover.

Act Now if You’ve Been Injured by a Dangerous Product in Escondido

Do not wait to seek legal assistance if you believe a product has caused you or a loved one harm. There is usually a time limit in place from the time of injury for how long you have to bring a lawsuit. The quicker you start the process, the better, so contact an Escondido injury attorney now.

These are difficult cases. Often, the company who made the product will have a team of attorneys ready to take you on so they do not have to pay out a large settlement. We do not think that is fair to you. Eugene Bruno & Associates will work to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process. You can contact us for a free consultation by calling us at 1-888-BRUNO-88 (1-888-278-6688).