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When you are planning a fun outing on the water with your family, all you are probably thinking about is bringing enough food and water for everyone. Of course, you have made sure everyone has a life vest, but the last thing on your mind is someone getting hurt.

Unfortunately, people do get hurt on the water and often it is someone else’s fault. Boating accidents can be devastating and can leave you wondering what to do.

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The Numbers

According to the US Coast Guard, the latest reporting year saw 4,463 boating accident country wide. That included 2,903 injuries and 701 fatalities. There was approximately $49 million in damage.

The US Coast Guard says that 7.6 percent of all boating accidents in the US happen in California.

The main causes of boating accident in the state are:

  • Operator inattention – 32 percent
  • Operator inexperience – 25 percent
  • Excessive speed – 15 percent
  • Machinery failure – 11 percent

How Boating Accident Happen

The US Coast Guard says that alcohol is the leading known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. Drunk boaters are more prone to the dangerous behavior listen above, such as inattention and speeding. Just as in vehicle accidents, impaired boaters are a danger to those around them. They can cause major injuries to the people in their own boats and to people in the water around them.

Another factor that leads to boating accidents is a lack of boat safety training. Anyone who wants to safely operate a boat should be properly trained. This includes those who operate commercially and those who are private boat owners.

If you are on a commercial vessel, you expect the boat captain to be trained. This includes not putting passengers in jeopardy by riding into adverse weather conditions. Often, commercial vessels will ignore weather warning in an effort to make money. This can be deadly for everyone on board.

Boating injuries can leave lasting emotion trauma that stays long after the physical injuries are healed.

What To Do Following an Escondido Boat Accident

Do you know what to do after a boating accident?

The number one thing you can do after getting hurt in a boating accident is seek legal assistance from an Escondido personal injury lawyer. If someone else has caused you harm on the water, then you may be entitled to compensation for all of your accident related expenses.

Why should you be left shouldering the financial burden of someone else’s mistake? At Eugene Bruno & Associates., we want to make sure that you can focus on healing. The last thing you need to worry about is how to pay your hospital bills or how to put food on your family’s table. When you need an Escondido boating accident lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation at 1-888-BRUNO-88 (1-888-278-6688).