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Put Down the Pokemon GO and Drive

By Aline Miranda on August 29, 2016

Hunting wild Pokemon may become illegal while driving. You may recall a news story in July about 2 men who walked off a cliff in Encinitas while trying to catch wild Pokemon. At the time, I remember people saying, “At least they weren’t driving.” Well, now Pokemon GO players are driving and the stories about crashes, sideswipes and pedestrians hurt or killed are starting to add up.

Gov. Jerry Brown was sent a new bill that would expand California’s current anti-texting while driving laws to include Pokemon GO, along with other potential distractions from handheld devices. The bill would also make it easier for police to enforce driver distraction laws already on the books, which will hopefully discourage people from driving while distracted. Aren’t people that are old enough to drive also old enough to know that playing a video game while operating a vehicle is dangerous, regardless of if it’s illegal or not?

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