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State Budget Cuts Are Causing Trial Delays

By Aline Miranda on April 30, 2013

The governor announced another round of budget cuts and that’s got me thinking about how much longer good people who were hurt in accidents that weren’t their fault will have to wait for justice. Unfortunately, they may be waiting even longer.

The budget cuts have closed courtrooms across the state — even entire courthouses in some parts of the state. Also, the courts have slashed the number of support employees. The clerks who maintain the court calendar and the court reporters are essential to obtaining justice because they are the gears that keep the courts running and doing their jobs.

Maybe the doom and gloom projections are worse than the reality, but the jury’s still out on that question. In the meantime, the best I can do is prepare for trial and maintain a level of preparedness that will enable me to effectively tell my client’s story to a jury — whenever that chance comes.

I recently blogged about expedited jury trial. If you’re concerned that your case is not getting to trial fast enough, you should consider reading about an expedited jury trial.