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Did you know that somebody dies as a result of drunk driving every 50 minutes in the United States? Despite the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol being very widely recognized, thousands of road users and pedestrians lose their lives due to drunk driving accidents each year, deaths which could have been avoided by the motorists in question behaving in a responsible manner. Generally, if you intend to drive, you should err on the side of caution and avoid imbibing any alcohol at all. Even a seemingly small amount of alcohol can have a considerable effect on your reflexes, making you slower to react when something unexpected happens on the road. The potential consequences are never worth it, as you will know all too well if you or a loved one have been injured in a Chula Vista drunk driving accident.

If you have been injured, or lost a loved one, in similar circumstances, you could benefit from the legal expertise of our Chula Vista car accident lawyers. With our help, you could recover the maximum compensation available to you.

How Often Do Drunk Driving Accidents Really Happen in Chula Vista?

According to the statistics published by the California Office of Traffic Safety, alcohol played a role in 141 of the traffic accident-related injuries and deaths which occurred in Chula Vista in 2015. Across the entirety of San Diego County, this number increased to 2,454. In both cases, there had been some increase on the 2014 figures.

This trend is evident across California, with OTS statistics for 2015 showing that:

  • Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased by over 4% between 2014 and 2015, totaling 914 in 2015
  • Overall traffic accident fatalities were also on the rise, with a total of 3,176 people losing their lives on California roads during 2015

Despite these growing numbers, there is a slight positive to be noted, in that California’s percentage of drunk driving accident-related dates is lower than the national average. However, even one death in a drunk driving accident is one death too many. Our Chula Vista car accident attorneys at Eugene Bruno & Associates are dedicated to helping victims, and their families, recover the compensation they are entitled to after being impacted by the negligent behavior of another driver.

Drunk Driving Accidents Result in More Than Just Physical Injuries

The physical consequences of a drunk driving accident tend to be first to come to mind, but the emotional impact can be just as damaging. In addition to the broken bones, contusions, lacerations and other physical injuries, our Chula Vista drunk driving accident attorneys regularly successfully represent clients suffering from:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Long term, or even permanent, memory loss
  • Reduced or lost senses
  • Emotional damage
  • Psychological issues caused by a drunk driving accident

When you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, it is important to be aware that your emotional and “invisible” injuries can be just as severe and, therefore, as relevant as physical conditions.