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Sports are, for many people, a source of fun and a little healthy competition. Depending on the sport you take part in, you may expect to be injured from time to time, and most sports injuries will soon heal without any need for specialist medical attention, or any legal intervention. However, occasionally, a serious sports injury will occur due to the negligence or deliberately dangerous action of another person or entity, meaning you could benefit from the legal representation of an expert Chula Vista injury attorney. When the injured person is a child, you may have even stronger grounds for filing a lawsuit. Whatever the circumstances of the negligence leading up to your sports injury, we strongly recommend that you discuss your legal options with one of our Chula Vista sports injury attorneys immediately.

How Many Sports Injuries Really Happen in Chula Vista Each Year?

While there are no official statistics available specifically focusing on Chula Vista sports injuries, national figures provide an overview of just how common negligence-related sports injuries occur. Concussion is, perhaps, the most well-known form of sports injury, but it is far from being the only potential outcome of a sports accident. To give you an idea of how frequently sports injuries occur:

  • According to the National SAFE Kids Campaign, around 3.5 million children, defined as those aged 14 or younger, sustain sports or recreation-related injuries each year
  • Approximately 775,000 children seek emergency room treatment following a sports injury
  • 21% of traumatic brain injuries inflicted on children in the United States occur through sports

The five riskiest sports, for those aged between 5 and 14, have been identified as follows:

  • Football, which results in around 215,000 injuries requiring emergency room treatment
  • Bicycling lands over 200,000 children per year in the emergency room
  • Basketball injuries send 170,000 minors to the hospital every year
  • 110,000 under 14s seek emergency medical treatment following a baseball or softball injury. Baseball is #1 in terms of fatal sports injuries
  • Soccer causes 88,000 serious injuries in minors each year

When your sports injury has been caused by the negligence of another person or entity, the type of injury is not overly important. Even sprains and strains could mean you are eligible to recover compensation – your Chula Vista sports injury attorney can confirm at your Initial Consultation.

What Constitutes Negligence in a Sports Injury Case?

Depending on the sport you are playing, negligence may take various forms, with some of the most common including:

  • Failure to provide qualified and competent coaches and other staff
  • Failure to use adequate safety equipment
  • Lack of trained medical personnel
  • Allowing a player to continue following a head injury
  • Failing to provide or seek appropriate medical treatment following an injury
  • Improper tackles
  • Inadequate crowd control
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Poorly maintained sports venues

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