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Frontline and Healthcare Workers Assistance

By Eugene Bruno on October 5, 2021

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic make it particularly meaningful for Bruno & Associates to be able to provide financial assistance to frontline and healthcare workers like Pam Jewell. Pam works in the South Bay area of San Diego which has been very hard hit by COVID-19.

Across San Diego and all over the world, doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists, and everyone who supports patient care are rising to the occasion and caring for our most vulnerable populations and putting themselves in harm’s way to do so. Bruno & Associates appreciates the sacrifices they make every day and especially during this pandemic. Their dedication, commitment, and selflessness deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Bruno & Associates is happy to provide encouragement and support in the form of a $500 stipend to Pam. She plans to use the money to make sure her nieces and nephews enjoy a Merry Christmas with lots of presents to make up for everything they’ve been through this year.