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Novice Errors, Not Road Rage or Reckless Behavior, Behind Most Teen Accidents

By Aline Miranda on May 25, 2011

Recent research conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention indicates serious auto accidents involving teenage drivers are commonly caused by lack of driving experience. Failure to scan the traffic ahead of one’s vehicle accounted for 21% of serious teen accidents. Distraction, including cell phone use and texting while driving, accounted for another 20% of serious teen accidents.

Teen drivers simply lack the driving experience which leads to better driving skills, such as scanning ahead of immediate traffic and checking side mirrors. These high-level skills are something drivers develop over time and, unfortunately, aren’t given enough attention in driving schools which tend to focus simply on getting students to pass the DMV’s road test. As a result, teens and other new drivers tend to overestimate their driving abilities.

Allison Curry, the lead researcher, said the study “helps dispel the myth that most teen crashes are due to aggressive driving or thrill-seeking.”

Source: nothjersey.com, ” Road Warrior: Novice errors, not rage, causes most teen road deaths,” John Cichowski, 22 April 2011.

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