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Public Transportation Accidents: A Guide for Injury Claims

By Eugene Bruno on February 10, 2024

Public transportation plays a vital role in communities large and small, providing millions of people with affordable and efficient means of travel. Whether buses, trains, subways, or trams, public transit systems help San Diego commuters get to work, students reach their schools, and travelers explore new cities. However, despite their convenience, serious injury accidents occur on public transportation. In this blog post, we want to address some common types of public transportation accident injuries and the legal elements involved in these types of cases, as well as shed light on how a San Diego public transportation accident lawyer can help.

Common Types of Public Transportation Injuries


Slip- and trip-and-falls can occur due to various causes and contributing factors, often resulting from environmental conditions and negligence. Four common causes and contributing factors include unaddressed spills or puddles, uneven or damaged flooring, and sudden vehicle stops or accelerations. Public transportation carriers are responsible for maintaining safe environments, promptly addressing hazards, providing adequate warnings, and ensuring accessibility to handrails.

Collisions and Accidents

Public transportation’s frequent stops, high volume, and interaction with vulnerable road users contribute to collision risks. Vehicle collisions involving buses, trains, or other modes of public transportation can result from driver error, mechanical failure, or external factors, leaving victims with severe injuries. Pedestrian accidents often result from driver negligence or failure to yield. Bicycle accidents may occur at intersections, bus stops, or overtaking maneuvers.

Inadequate Security

Inadequate security measures at transportation hubs can leave passengers vulnerable to assaults, robberies, and other criminal activities. Transportation providers have a duty to ensure the safety and security of their passengers, particularly in high-risk areas.

Defective Equipment

Malfunctions or defects in public transportation equipment, such as faulty brakes or malfunctioning doors, can lead to accidents and injuries. Manufacturers may be held liable for injuries caused by defective equipment under product liability laws.

Legal Factors To Consider

Establishing liability in a public transportation injury claim can be complex. Victims must prove that the transportation provider breached its duty of care, leading to the injuries sustained.

Government entities operating public transportation systems may enjoy immunity from certain lawsuits, presenting additional challenges for injured parties seeking compensation. However, exceptions to governmental immunity exist, particularly in cases involving gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Compensation for public transportation injuries may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Injured parties should document their injuries and losses thoroughly to support their claims for compensation.

Steps To Take After a Public Transportation Injury

After being injured in a public transportation accident, take the following steps to protect your well-being and legal interests:

  • Seek medical attention: Get professional medical care for your injuries right away and follow up with any necessary treatment. Documenting your injuries is key for establishing the extent of your damages, such as medical expenses.
  • Document the scene: Gather evidence at the accident site, including photographs of the scene, witness statements, and contact information.
  • Preserve evidence: Retain medical records, bills, and any communication with transportation providers regarding the incident. This evidence will support your claim for compensation.
  • Contact Eugene Bruno & Associates to consult with a San Diego public transportation accident lawyer.

How Can a San Diego Public Transportation Accident Attorney Help?

Recovering compensation from government entities for an injury typically involves many complicated steps and legal issues. The San Diego public transportation accident lawyers at Eugene Bruno & Associates can provide invaluable assistance by investigating the accident, establishing liability, and negotiating with insurance companies for maximum compensation. If the other side refuses to make a fair offer, we’ll file a lawsuit and fight for your rights in court.

We’re Here for You After an Accident

If you have been injured in a public transportation accident in San Diego, don’t hesitate to take action by seeking legal guidance from Eugene Bruno & Associates. Reach out to us today at 1-888-BRUNO-88 (1-888-278-6688) to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your public transportation injury claim.