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Public Transportation Accidents in San Diego and the U.S.

By Aline Miranda on February 3, 2014

According to the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the year 2011 saw approximately 5,338,000 highway crashes across the country. These crashes involved passenger cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, and buses. Another 9,819 transportation accidents involved railroads such as Amtrak and other commuter trains. More than 7,000 organizations in the U. S. provide some type of public transportation. These organizations range from mass transit companies to single-vehicle service providers.

The American Public Transportation Association reports that San Diego ranks 13th in the top 50 urbanized areas with the most transit travel. This travel includes buses, commuter trains, streetcars, vans, and more. Since 2004, transit travel use has increased overall in the U.S. This use has grown more than the population or highway travel using passenger vehicles.

Unfortunately, the increase in public transportation has led to accidents involving these various modes of travel. In the San Diego area last December one person died and 12 more were injured when a tour bus swerved and tipped over on Highway 15 near Fallbrook. Passengers inside the bus were traveling from Los Angeles to a casino when the accident occurred. At the time of the crash, the highway was slick from rain but it was not determined at the time why the driver lost control.

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