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Should You Pay For Your Medical Bills After A Pedestrian Accident Or Wait For The Settlement?

By Aline Miranda on July 13, 2018

Pedestrians tend to sustain more severe injuries compared to drivers and other vehicle occupants because a pedestrian’s body is fully exposed to a direct impact in case of a collision (motorists and their occupants, meanwhile, are shielded from a direct impact by airbags and layers of metal and steel).

If you have been in a pedestrian accident in San Diego or elsewhere in California, you have probably seen numerous doctors, physicians, and other medical professionals. You have most likely been required to go through a plethora of tests and analysis, and now your primary treating physician has determined the treatment plan for you.

Before you know it, medical bills have climbed as high as tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you are expected to spend much more to recover. What should you do? How do you pay for your medical bills after a pedestrian accident? Should you wait for the settlement?

These are the questions we asked our San Diego pedestrian accident attorney from Eugene Bruno & Associates

How to Pay For Your Medical Bills After a San Diego Pedestrian Accident

“You see, even if the person who caused the pedestrian accident has admitted his or her fault, he/she and their insurance company will most likely not pay immediately,” warns our experienced pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego. “It could take months or even years for you to get your hands on the personal injury settlement or verdict.”

If you are wondering how your medical bills should be paid after a car accident, there are several options to consider:

  • Auto policy coverage. If you carry an auto insurance policy or any of your family members who live in the same household with you have an auto insurance policy, you may be able to access the medical payments coverage, also known as “med pay.” This is an optional coverage in auto policies, which is why you should check if your policy has it. In most cases, the medical payments coverage is limited to $5,000. You can access this type of coverage only if you, as a pedestrian, were injured by a vehicle.
  • Health insurance coverage. Almost all Americans carry health insurance coverage either through their employer or individually. This is usually the best way to pay for your medical bills after a car or pedestrian accident in California. However, you will have to sign a document promising to pay the full amount back after your personal injury case is settled.
  • Medicare / Medical. You can cover the costs of your treatment with this national health insurance program, but their insurance agents are known to be aggressive when it comes to repaying the full amount.
  • Medical liens. If you are represented by a San Diego pedestrian accident attorney, doctors and medical professionals will most likely agree to treat you on lien. Meaning: you will not have to pay for the medical bills out of pocket right away. Rather, these doctors and facilities will wait until your personal injury case is settled for you to pay back the full amount. Liens are common practice only when a lawyer is involved, as this serves as doctors’ assurance that the case is being pursued.
  • Out of pocket. If none of the above options seem rational for your particular circumstances, you may want to consider paying for your medical bills out of your own pocket. This may not be a viable option for those whose bank account does not have the required amount of money.

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