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The Top 10 Most Accident Prone Roads in San Diego

By Aline Miranda on August 17, 2017

Stepping outside your house to go on a walk or driving your car can be a very dangerous task in San Diego. In a recent article published by KPBS, the San Diego Police Department announced that the amount of traffic deaths equaled the amount of murders that occurred between 2012 to 2016 totaling 260 deaths for both categories. The next time you leave your home, be aware of the below listed roads as they are some of the most accident prone in San Diego.

Interstate 5

Interstate 5 or better known as “The 5” is one of the most dangerous highways to drive on if you are San Diego resident. Connecting San Diego to Los Angeles, the I-5 runs through the entire span of California. The high frequency of traffic on the I-5 can reach up to a million drivers daily as the stop and go traffic causes a consistent amount of accidents requiring attentive and careful driving.

Interstate 15

A close competitor to the I-5 as the most dangerous freeway to drive on, the I-15 frequents in terrible traffic and accidents. Expect to be completely stopped on most days as traffic accidents usually require the shutdown of lanes. A frequent amount of drunk drivers are pulled over on this highway as well so if you are driving late at night paying special attention to your surroundings is key to avoiding them.

Freeway 67

Nicknamed “Bloody Alley”, the 25 mile stretch of highway from El Cajon all the way to Mount Woodson is known for its blind turns and twisting roads. Precautions should be taken while traveling on this mostly two lane road as steering wheel slips or taking a turn too fast is known for causing over 50 deaths in the past 20 years.

University and Marlborough Avenue

Accounting for 10 percent of pedestrian accidents in all of San Diego in 2015, these roads can be a very dangerous place to be at night. The lack of crosswalks and lights on University and Marlborough Ave. makes these roads somewhere you might want to think twice about before driving or walking on. The intersection between University and Marlborough Ave. is number 1 on San Diego’s “Fatal 15” list for having the most dangerous intersection. This is attributed to its high amount of pedestrian traffic leaving these streets to be very accident prone.

Mission Boulevard and Garnet Avenue

Featured on San Diego’s “The Fatal Fifteen List” for sharing the second most dangerous intersection for pedestrians, these streets feature an increased amount of bicyclists because of the nearby beach. On weekends, these streets are prone places for drunk drivers and unaware pedestrians because of the mostly college-age crowd that frequent the row of bars so be aware when driving or walking at night on these streets.

El Cajon Boulevard

Speeding cars and unwary crossers have been known to cause an alarming amount of accidents on this road. Be sure to look both ways if crossing at night as visibility on El Cajon Blvd. is dimly lit increasing the chances of an accident occurring.

Fifth Avenue

The nine block street that forms San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is known for its busy narrow streets and unaware pedestrians. During peak times on the weekends, the streets can be filled with cars and people making it a very easy road for an accident to occur on. Be especially aware of people riding bikes too as it is very common for bicyclists to be involved in accidents on this street.

Market Street

Similar to Fifth Avenue, Market Street located in downtown San Diego attracts accidents by not only bicyclists, cars and pedestrians but public transportation systems as well. Trolley accidents have been known to cause fatalities on this road so be sure to stay aware of street signs.

Being aware of these roads that are accident prone is always a good way to take steps to preventing an accident. However, sometimes accidents are unavoidable due to others actions. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, it’s never too early to discuss your options with an experienced professional, call now to schedule a free, no pressure consultation at 888-278-6688.