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Full Coverage: Understanding Your Auto Insurance

By Aline Miranda on September 23, 2016

Auto insurance is mandated by California, but it provides only basic financial protection if you (or another driver using your car) causes an accident that hurts someone or damages someone else’s property. Clients often are told by insurance agents or brokers that they have purchased “full coverage,” only to find out after an accident that it is not what they expected. Minimum coverage is all that is required by California, but that it is not what I would call “full coverage.” Why? Because the state-required minimum may not cover the cost of a serious accident.

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Understanding the Insurance Company’s Motives

By Aline Miranda on November 27, 2013

People generally buy insurance for the purpose of protecting themselves and their assets. Home insurance, renters’ insurance, car insurance, business insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and other types of insurance are all designed to give a sense of security and provide reasonable compensation in the event that the insured item is damaged or lost.

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