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Bicycle Safety is for Everyone

By Aline Miranda on September 22, 2018

Whether we drive cars or motorcycles, bike, or walk, the road belongs to everyone and everyone has a part to play to ensure safety on the road. Regardless of your mode of transportation, we have a duty to know and follow the law.

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Three Feet Please – New Bike Safety Law in Effect 9/16/14

By Aline Miranda on September 17, 2014

California’s newest bicycle safety act, called the Three Feet for Safety Act, took effect on Sept. 16, 2014. The law requires that drivers passing a bicycle that is traveling in the same direction maintain at least 3 feet of distance between any part of the vehicle and any part of the bicycle or rider. When 3 feet is not possible, the driver is required to slow to a “reasonable and prudent speed” and pass only if there’s no danger to the bicyclist. Violations can result in a fine, regardless of whether a collision or injury to the bicyclist results.

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