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New 2019 Scooter Helmet Law: No Helmet, No Problem

By Aline Miranda on December 17, 2018

Riding a motorized scooter such as those offered by Lime, Bird, and other companies are fun but riders must comply with the California Motor Vehicle Code or face a ticket. According to Vehicle Code section 21235, any person operating a motorized scooter must have a valid driver’s license or instruction permit and:

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Tips for Motorcycle Safety

By Aline Miranda on September 21, 2016

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience and there’s no better place to ride than Southern California, with mild dry weather and miles of the open road. Motorcycles also have more practical benefits too, such as better gas mileage and easier parking.

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California Becomes First in the US to Legalize Motorcycle Lane Splitting

By Aline Miranda on August 9, 2016

California has become the first US state to legalize lane sharing. Lane splitting, or lane sharing, is the practice of riding a motorcycle between lanes occupied by cars. It’s a common practice on freeways and city streets alike. You may have thought the practice was illegal, but it was really in a gray area because it was never specifically outlawed in the California Vehicle Code. That’s all changed now that California has become the first US state in which lane-splitting is formally legalized.

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Motorcycle vs. Vehicle: Left-Turn Accidents

By Aline Miranda on August 20, 2012

Many of the motorcycle accident cases I have handled over the years involved a driver who failed to notice (or failed to yield to) a motorcyclist when making a left turn. Those who drive cars look out for other cars on the road. As a result, they frequently fail to notice motorcycles. Also, many drivers are unfamiliar with how motorcycles operate. This can cause a driver to misjudge a motorcyclist’s speed and distance. As a result, they may turn directly in front of a motorcyclist because they think they have sufficient time to complete their turn. As a motorcycle rider, I know how dangerous this situation can be and how frustrating it can be to get drivers to notice you and to yield to you when you have the right of way.

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California Motorcycle Riders: Lane Splitting

By Aline Miranda on July 25, 2012

Lane splitting (or lane sharing — depending on your perspective) is one of the most controversial motorcycle rider behaviors in California.

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Allstate Pays $10 Million to Settle Unfair Colossus Claims Practices

By Aline Miranda on May 9, 2011

Allstate has paid $10 million to settle with insurance regulators over unfair claims practices involving its use of Colossus. The regulatory action focused primarily on Allstate’s use of claims handling software, particularly the software program, Colossus. Colossus is a software program which allowed a computer, rather than a person, to determine settlement offers for injury claims from auto accidents. Regulators found “inconsistencies” in the way Allstate used the Colossus software program.

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